He's asking others ready to make the announcement to wait so he can be the center of gay-ttention. This actress has a nasty diet secret and a party goer dishes on the celebs she's met. It's all about first impressions.

1. "If you plan on coming out of the closet, make sure you check with this celebrity first. Since he believes that his coming out is more important than your coming out, he will not appreciate your stealing his thunder. In fact, he may even call you up to ask you to put your announcement on hold. We personally think that he should spend more time fixing his own mess of a life rather than calculating how much publicity he can get for disclosing things everyone already knew." [Blind Gossip]

2. "Which skinny celeb has a worrying new obsession - meow meow mixed into lemonade? She drinks a pint a day, is wasting away, and is turning into a paranoid wreck..." [UK Mirror]

3. "At a recent event, these were the impressions of someone when they met the following people: A list female tv host and her actor husband—very sweet and funny; C list movie and television actor but B+ for stage—very funny; recently separated Academy Award nominee/winner actress—huge bitch; C+ list actress on the hit network show everyone talks about all the time. Oh, and she is a great red carpet dresser—super diva bitch." [CDaN]