The mother of CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin's purported love child has written an essay about being a single mom. If you've ever wondered what it's like to raise the baby of a high profile news figure, read on!

It has long been thought that married Jeffrey Toobin—CNN analyst and New Yorker contributor—impregnated Casey Greenfield, a Yale-educated lawyer and daughter of CBS News' Jeff Greenfield. (Greenfield and Toobin recently had it out in family court.) Neither Toobin nor Greenfield has ever confirmed this, which probably means it's true. This weekend, The Daily Beast published an essay Greenfield about raising the-baby-which-probably-belongs-to-Jeffery-Toobin. (His name is Rory.)

The piece is pegged to the release of the new J. Lo single mom flick, Back-up Plan. It makes the surprising claim that the movie isn't like real life at all. For example, J. Lo's character, Zoe, is too obsessed with if society approves of her having some random dude's baby:

When I chose to keep a pregnancy by a guy who wasn't around, I thought that social approval, which Zoe seeks from her friends and family, was unlikely to appear. I'm happy to have been mostly wrong – my son, I say with no bias, is the joy of an ever-broadening community. But Zoe's interest in the communal thumbs-up for her plan speaks to her ambivalence, to a mistaken belief that philosophical acceptance will ease the concrete reality of what she's undertaking. Cheering sections don't change diapers.

Neither does Jeffrey Toobin, apparently. (But he does do some weird sex stuff!)