Senator Lindsey Graham was a key Republican supporter of the Democrats' proposed climate change and energy legislation. Now he has withdrawn his support because Democrats might decide to pursue immigration reform first. Wait... how does that make sense? Logic Report!

South Carolinian Lindsey Graham thinks the Democrats are pushing through immigration reform in a "cynical political" bid to win over Hispanic voters. See, Harry Reid was the Democrat who first suggested putting immigration reform in front of the climate bill. Harry Reid is from Nevada, just like a lot of Hispanic people. So, the reason Harry Reid wants immigration reform is so Hispanics will vote for him. Lindsey Graham refuses to engage in cynical politics, so he has withdrawn support from the draft of the climate and energy legislation he, John Kerry and Joe Lieberman were supposed to release tomorrow.

But let's think about this for a second. If pushing for legislation that helps a group of people is a cynical bid for their votes, then the more people the legislation helps, the more cynical it is. So if Harry Reid really wanted to be cynical, the climate change bill would be his first priority! Having the Earth not be destroyed polls well in all sectors—not just Hispanics. In fact, those fighting global warming—like Lindsey Graham—are probably the most cynical of all politicians: They pander to the entire world. Even to people who can't vote for them!

LOGIC REPORT: Illogical. Seek other reasons why immigration reform might be seen as newly urgent.