A Spanish-language tabloid claims that Martin used to secretly date Eduardo Verástegui, a Latin model and actor. Verástegui is no stranger to gay rumors. But he was also the face of California's "Yes on 8" campaign against gay marriage.

The tabloid TV y Novelasclaims the two were a couple when they were both in the closet. Like Martin, Verástegui also started out in a boy band, but he went on to star in Spanish-language TV shows and lots of shirtless photoshoots. According to this report he went right-wing around 2006 and made an anti-abortion message movie and even palled around with John McCain. It culminated in this commercial supporting California's Proposition 8, which eventually passed and robbed gay folks in the state of legally tying the knot.

Now this is all very speculative. Who really knows if supermarket tabloids are ever right (even though the Enquirer taught us they often are), or whether or not Verástegui is even gay. (The gay rumors are numerous but of the standard variety.) What we can say is that it's great that Ricky moved on from this dude and eventually found his way out of the closet. Denying who you truly are can do some seriously fucked up things to your head.