Today on Good Morning America's Morning Mix segment, lesbian political strategist Donna Brazile called embattled CNN host Larry King a "hottie." There are plenty of reasons why women might throw themselves at King. But it's not because he's a "hottie."

I'm not saying that Brazile can't spot an attractive man just because she's into the ladies, but she should know that the reason Larry King attracts so many female suitors—as she claims he does—has nothing to do with the way he looks. It's the fame and money, clearly. Or maybe it's all the pastrami you can eat? Ew, bad mental image. Unfortunately, this latest bit of drama—the sister-loving infidelity, impending divorce—might make it tough for him to find a ninth woman to walk down the aisle. Then again he lives in LA where a woman would happily marry a corpse if it would keep her in a nice house with plenty of designer dresses to wear to the occasional movie premiere.

The video is below. Brazile makes the comment at the 6 minute mark.

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