In your seething Thursday media column: Keith Olbermann says Dan Abrams' thing is so dumb, Bloomberg Businessweek is here, David Remnick talks and talks, and the future of journalism is TBD.

  • More on yesterday's outpouring of self-righteous rage from Keith Olbermann: somebody on the Twitter told Keith that Mediaite said he was angry, and do you know what he said back to them, on the Twitter? "Bluntly, no one in this business takes that site seriously." Hey, your former MSNBC colleague Dan Abrams started that god damn site! No talking bad about MSNBC colleagues! That's what started this whole thing! Now Dan Abrams and Keith Olbermann will fight, on the Twitter.
  • Bloomberg Businessweek has been relaunched, anew! Now with more Bloomberg! This story tells you everything you need to know about the relaunch, and also features a handy graph showing definitively that all three big business magazines are headed straight for the sewer, so who cares.
  • Big Think has a new video interview with David Remnick about Obama, politics, and the future of the New Yorker. We thought Remnick was also talking about us, but it turns out that that video clip is years old. And we fail yet again, in the eyes of David Remnick.
  • Haha, the name of the big new DC news site that will kill and destroy the Washington Post once and for all has been announced: You think about it for a minute and it's a really stupid name. But not any more stupid than every other name on the internet, so hey, go with it. To the future!