The Ritz-Carlton hotel in Naples, Florida is facing a lawsuit from a veteran waiter in the hotel's restaurant, who says he was barred from serving some racist customers because he was black. Who's to blame here? Brits, naturally.

Wadner Tranchant, the waiter, is 40 years old, Haitian, and has worked at the hotel for more than a decade. So then one day a British family comes to the hotel and tells them they don't want to be served by "blacks or anyone with an accent." Ignoring the fact that, to a British family, everyone in Naples, Florida has an accent, their request was entered into the hotel's computer, noting the family as "very very prejudice," in the same way that they would note that they needed an extra toothbrush.

How would the rest of the world like it if loud, ignorant, xenophobic Americans flooded their shores, tossing around money and making offensive demands of the locals?
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