He might be starring in an old-people version of that comedic romp. Also today: Movie roles for Leslie Mann and Kate Bosworth, a TV role for a great Big Love actress, a new Gervais/Merchant joint (a small oen), and teens.

Likable actress Leslie Mann and fearsome bone-dancer Kate Bosworth have been cast in a new indie movie written and directed by a former Boston street tough. Elgin James' Goodnight Moon is about two runaway girls who hook up with a bad crowd of skaters and stoners in Los Angeles. Mann and Bosworth play one girl's mom and aunt, respectively. Sounds like Thirteen meets Lords of Dogtown meets Goodnight Moon. Goodnight, Venice. Goodnight, schwag. Goodnight, guy named Ratso asleep in a van. [THR]

Ricky Gervais and his enormous partner Stephen Merchant have announced their next TV series. The will create and play small roles in Life Is Too Short, a comedy starring Warwick Davis, the well known little person who has acted in lots of movies from Return of the Jedi (the Ewok named Wicket) to Harry Potter (Professor Flitwick). Between this, Death at a Funeral, and Little People, Big World, little people are all the rage these days! They're big. [Variety]

Jack Nicholson might get offered a role in the vaguely depressing-sounding comedy LASt VEGAS, a sort of older dude version of The Hangover. He'd play a confirmed old bachelor who is finally getting married, but who falls for a lounge singer while in Nevada for his wedding. And there's competition for the lady with his friends. Who will play the lady? Well, only one woman can truly play the love interest of two competing, grumpy old men. And that woman is Ann-Margret. Did you see her on SVU recently? She's still got it! [Vulture]

Oh this is cool. Mirielle Enos, the terrific stage actress who plays the creepy twin sisters on Big Love, has landed the lead role in the AMC pilot The Killers. She'll play the lead detective investigating the murder of a young girl in Seattle. Interestingly, tough-lady Michelle Forbes is playing the grieving mom part. Wouldn't you kind of think they'd be switched? Sad-faced Enos plays the soulful weeper, while stern Forbes plays the tough detective. But no! Interesting casting. [Deadline]

TLC is ordering up the Best Food Ever, a new six-part series that crosses the country showing us examples of popular, delicious foodstuffs. It's narrated by John Goodman, because who better to tell us gravy-laden tales of delicious grub. A TLC exec says "Our three tentpole genres now are food, families and weddings." So... that's basically life, right? You eat, you see your family, you go to a couple weddings, you die. Maybe throw sex and work in there, I guess. But pretty much food, family, and weddings. That's pretty much it. [Variety]

Evil teen empire Alloy Entertainment, the young adult bookhaus that has moved into TV (Vampire Diaries, Gossip Girl, the upcoming Pretty Little Liars), is now entering the movie business. They've got something called Au Pairs in development with Drew Barrymore's production company and have just named a new VP of film. So their plan for world domination is coming along nicely, basically. Pretty soon they'll be Disney, only for sexy teens. Because Disney never deals with sexy teens. [TheWrap]