Remember the Crouch Quadruplets? They all got into Yale and the Times wrote about them, and haters began to hate. The college "wooed them heavily" and now they've all committed. Gawker: Your source for everything Yale. Update: Admissions drama!

Uh oh! One of the Crouches told the Yale Daily News that they are in fact still undecided:

Carol Crouch, one of the four siblings, told the News Wednesday night that a report posted on Gawker, which claimed that she and her siblings have agreed to attend Yale, was false. The quadruplets have been touring Yale's campus during the past three days, and Crouch said that while Bulldog Days was "great," she and her siblings are "still deciding" which colleges they will attend.

However the Yale Herald reports that the four have chosen Yale. We emailed The Herald's Miranda Lewis, and she revealed that she has a super-secret source within Admissions which has confirmed their report.

My friend works in the admissions office and has pretty much been their personal Yale tour guide since they got in. He told me they are all coming and I was with him when he ran into 2 of them and their mother and he said "congrats!" and she asked "on what?" and he said "on choosing yale" and she said "ya shhh were all coming! Don't tell anyone!" in a cute jokey way.

So! Quads: Going to Yale. Pretty sure. But when you're ready to finally come out as Yaliens, Crouches, drop us a line.