Given Peaches' history with nude scandals and Eli's with disembodied butt pics, it'd be funny if she were. We keep trying to ignore Peaches Geldof, but she won't stop posing with people's private parts, requiring NSFW ass analysis.

One thing we cannot deny about transatlantic scenester and heiress: In the name of titillating a photo op, she will perform breathtaking acts of bravery. Because gnarly cheeks she's nuzzling at designer Jeremy Scott's Coachella toga party, photographed by the Cobra Snake.

Does that ass belong to Peaches' boyfriend, Inglorious Basterds actor Eli Roth, who is seventeen years her senior? Oh No They Didn't notes that their "favorite couple" attended the party in full regalia. Let us compare with the goldtone rump with another rumored photo of Eli's rear, from the infamous ONTD blueberry scandal, wherein Eli allegedly engaged in cybersex and naked pic swaps with a horny group of fangirl bloggers.

But toga butt is both hairier and has greater mass in the lower center section, where the cheeks come together. Even with weight and grooming habit fluctuation, I just don't think the above butt would look like the one Peaches went cheek-to-cheek with. Also, isn't Eli lingering in the background of the first one, the same way he is in this picture and this one?

Verdict: The ass in question more likely belongs to this man. Unless, of course, metallic rears are a new trend, and more than one person wore painted rumps. Jeremy Scott is a designer, remember! He can make these things happen. And with that, the phantom of a Peaches-Eli naked scandal disappeared, again. Maybe they learned their naked picture lessons, after all...

Anyway, if you're the sort who enjoys looking at celebrities and almost-celebrities in their natural habitats, here are a few other Cobra Snake gems.

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