Oh, Jill. A tipster has provided us with (admittedly circumstantial) evidence that the red-haired menace has been reviewing her new advice book and flaming detractors under a pseudonym on the Amazon.com message boards. Take it away, tipster!

Jill Zarin has assumed another ID, "Susan Saunders" at amazon.com and reviewed her own book and TV series, plus is posting scathing comments to reviewers who've dared to give her book bad reviews. She deleted/changed the profile information for "Susan" but forgot to change the Wish List information. (Jill Shapiro was Jill Zarin's previous married name.)

Here is the profile! Maybe that is Jill trying to drum up a little positivity for her tome. Or maybe it's not. We've actually gotten three separate tips about this. About a reality show person and Amazon.com message boards. Why is this? Why is any of this?

Anyway. Here are screenshots of this mysterious Susan Saunders/Jill Shapiro character's activity. Suspicioussssss. And, if real, really not that surprising.

Click image for larger version

"Details of wish list, with notations on right 'For Bobby' 'For Allyson' 'Fun for Family' Plus dates items were added"