You might as well throw that Wendy's salad away and go for what you're really craving. Consumerist has a list of 10 fast food items that have higher calorie and fat counts than KFC's new artery-busting sandwich. Three are "salads."

Okay, so who really eats a Wendy's salad anyway? Here are the 10 meals that will ruin your life faster than the Double Down.

According to KFC, the Original Recipe Double Down has 540 calories, 32g of fat and 1380mg of sodium.

With just a quick peek at the websites for Burger King, McDonald's and Wendy's, I had no trouble finding 10 items with higher calorie and fat (and in almost all cases, sodium) counts than the Double Down:

Triple Whopper:
1160 calories
76g fat
1170mg sodium

Tendercrisp Garden Salad:
670 cals
45g fat
1740mg sodium

Tendercrisp Chicken Sandwich:
800 cals
46g fat
1640mg sodium

Original Chicken Sandwich:
630 cals
39g fat
1390mg sodium

Angus Mushroom & Swiss Burger:
770 cals
40g fat
1170mg sodium

Double Quarter Pounder With Cheese:
740 cals
42g fat
1380mg sodium

Chicken Selects 5-Piece with one packet of Buffalo Sauce:
720 cals
46g fat
2480mg sodium

Chicken BLT Salad With Honey Dijon Dressing:
720 cals
51g fat
1540mg sodium

Baconator Double:
980 cals
62g fat
1740mg sodium

Southwest Taco Salad with ranch dressing and tortilla strips:
640 cals
36g fat
1590mg sodium

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