In Sex and the City 2, the Mickey Mouse of bachelorettes will be married and menopausal. Will she suffer the indignity of a lame computer, too? An "elaborate" product placement deal with Hewlett-Packard threatens Carrie Bradshaw's omnipresent MacBook.

HP is determined to tap into that lucrative shops-too-much OMG-shoe-addict SATC-watching demographic, and has had its eye on the fashion world for awhile. (Like this season's Project Runway tie-ins.) Carrie Bradshaw used to purse her lips while gazing wistfully into the screen of a MacBook Pro, and before that a PowerBook G3. Will she even know how to work Windows?

This could ruin twenty-something oversharers' brand allegiances forever! Actually, no, nothing will break Apple's vise-like grip on that demo. But Carrie's not in that group anymore, anyway. [NYT/Media Decoder]