Oh boy—Michael Calderone is... teasing the upcoming Mark Leibovich story on the hellish "journalism-alternative" sweatshop that is Politico. On Twitter. The big story is about Mike Allen, as all of these things are.

Hah, did you seriously read those sentences and then continue on for more? This is such terrible inside baseball that, honestly, I don't expect any living human being not currently employed by a web publication charged with "covering" the political media to have clicked through. So, as your reward, here is a picture of the new kitten at the deli by my apartment:

Anyway! All Calderone gives us is one anecdote about Mike Allen's OMNICIENCE AND POWER. Mike Allen doesn't sleep—he wins the night. The story will be published (on the internet) tomorrow (and then it will be published in the traditional paper magazine form on Sunday). Perfect! Just in time to ruin my last day!

I hope one of the night people covers it.