Today at Gawker.TV, Jon Stewart takes on Jim Cramer (again), Charles Barkley demonstrates the shake weight, Stephen Colbert's convinced himself of an Iceland-conspiracy, and we celebrate our ten favorite TV moments that involve smoking the greens stuff.

Jon Stewart Slams Jim Cramer Yet Again
The Daily Show has kept a watchful eye on CNBC since the meltdown began, and there's been no better whipping boy for Stewart and Co. than silly button-pushing stock tipper Jim Cramer. Here he is being proved wrong. Again.

Happy 420: Our Favorite THC Highlights From TV
Today, April 20th, is an unofficial holiday for the cannabis cabal. Some celebrate privately, some join together to smoke en masse, but ceremonies usually culminate right around that magic minute, 4:20.

Stephen Colbert Uncovers Massive Icelandic Travel Conspiracy
The Colbert Report blew the lid off of Iceland's scheme to close all European airports except it's own, while detailing the transgressions that have so far been visited upon us by this island nation. Bjork and vikings, you're on notice.

Charles Barkley Uses the Shake Weight
TNT's NBA coverage dissolved into a pit of giggles as Charles Barkley expertly handled the Shake Weight. We love that the basketball legend managed to maintain a look of baffled naivety throughout (almost) the entire ordeal.

Kara DioGuardi Proves She's A Better Singer Than An American Idol Judge
On American Idol Kara DioGuardi works hard to fend off criticism that she sucks as a judge. After her first time singing on TV during Lopez Tonight, however, we're pretty convinced of her vocal talent. Video of her performance inside.