The Way We Live Now: Half-ass. Why do things properly when they will inevitably crumble with the next economic collapse? Our jobs are all short-term. Our schools are short-staffed. And now they want our booze. Is this how revolutions begin?

It used to be people would have "jobs," but that was before The Time We Are In Now. Why get a "job" and expect to have stable employment and get house loans and shit only to have it all yanked out from under you, cruelly, and be foreclosed upon, and have your wife blame it on you even though it's the fault of forces beyond your control, and if she was reasonable she could see that, but no? Instead now we just get "short-term jobs," which used to be called "temp work" or "bad jobs" but are now the thing to get because, hey, at least you know the exact day you'll be laid off from them.

Learning. Education. That's what it's all about. You wanna talk about schools? How about this: school districts "are warning hundreds of thousands of teachers that their jobs may be eliminated in June." So you wanna talk about schools? Speak up, because this classroom you're standing in is empty—its teacher has been laid off.

Real poignant and all, but you still get detention. No loitering in empty classrooms.

And since your job sucks and your wife sucks and your kid's school sucks, of course the powers that be are now coming and trying to take away the bar car on your commuter train, which is absolutely the last thing keeping you from just snapping after another god damn 12 hours on the useless treadmill of workaday drudgery, and if you can't get sauced up on the way home you might just pull out a gun and start blasting one day.

If you could afford a gun. Which you can't. But just wait till the next elections. Things are changing, America.
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