In your pleasant Tuesday media column: Glenn Beck vs. Joe Klein, a stranded-in-the-airport magazine, Dave Eggers wants to marry print and live in Never-Neverland with it, and Les Moonves struggles through another year of penurious wages.

  • Joe Klein noted that Glenn Beck's behavior fit the definition of "sedition." Because it's always a good move for Democrats to give Republicans a taste of the same arguments they would have hated had Bush been president. Glenn said that was like "a horse stepped on my chest." Can you imagine! He loves his country! Glenn Beck does not even understand what's going on here, okay? Glenn Beck and Joe Klein, a pair of pundits who can keep arguing with each other right off a cliff, as far as we're concerned.
  • The people stranded at airports around the world are getting so desperate that they're starting their own magazine. Watch the stalled airline magazine industry collapse faster than the real magazine industry!
  • Are you ready for your weekly dose of Dave Eggers waxing poetic on the virtues of print? "I like the curatorial, the calmness, the authority of a daily paper. But I do think that it's a time to make the paper form more robust and more surprising and beautiful and expansive. People still want to read long form literary journals and nonfiction, etc., and so why can't the print medium do that and be that home and leave the Internet to do the more quick thinking and quick reacting things?" Sure, sure. Dave Eggers you are brilliant but not when it comes to the economics of media, at all.
  • CBS CEO Les Moonves saw his salary double last year, to $43 million. Sounds bad, until you consider that last year he had to make due with a mere $13.6 million in exchange for overseeing a stock price decline that cut more than $10 billion off the company's value. So.