Heckling: Like talking, only louder and more disruptive. You do it when you really want to get your point across. Today at a fundraiser for California Senate candidate Barbara Boxer, Obama was heckled... by the good guys!

These hecklers—who start yelling at around :30 in the video—were part of the gay rights group GetEQUAL. GetEQUAL was also behind the Great Gay Lt. Dan Choi Handcuffing to the White House Gate of Early 2010. These guys know how to cause a scene!

We are anti-heckling, in general. It's often ugly and annoying, with people calling Obama a liar, or calling someone a baby killer even though they haven't killed a single baby. But in this case, when Obama promised way back in 2008 that he would repeal DADT if elected, the heckling is a good thing. It reminds him of how he renewed that promise last October; and it would remind him how many people would be disappointed if Congress' overloaded summer schedule ended up with DADT slipping through the cracks yet again. Think of it as hosting a fundraiser for breast cancer at a Ponderosa or something. The ends justify the means.