This one goes out to all you who read Gawker only for the Nick Denton coverage. Former Gawker weekend editor Foster Kamer has interviewed Nick Denton about the big iPhone scoop. A sampling:

KAMER: You paid for the scoop, no? Is the competition for tech reporting and breaking stories going to become a game of big bankrolls? Not to discredit your guys, but if you didn't have the money, locking down the exclusive would be a different story. I've worked on a scoop [Gawker] paid for before. It was great. It was fun. But let's say those tech reporters don't willingly tow the press lines, and get denied access, and can't pay for scoops....


Read the whole thing, and learn about the lengths to which Nick Denton would go for a story, at the Village Voice. And if you have any copies of secret government documents or something to sell us. Please do.