Oh, come on, if you can't buy Ecstasy, meth, ketamine, etc. in douche-y Chelsea clubs, where can you buy them? Today, the city shut down Chelsea's M2 UltraLounge and its sister club, Pink, for being club drug hubs.

You will remember M2 UltraLounge as one of the superhip clubs which necessitated the New York Health Department training a new breed of superhip smoking inspectors just to get in the door. For months, the Health Department inspectors were creeping around in their Ray Bans, trying to gather enough evidence that the cool kids were smoking inside to justify shutting the place down. But they found other, more fun reasons. According to the Times, Police described the club as a "Wild West of drug dealing":

According to court papers, undercover investigators at the club bought drugs - including Ecstasy, methamphetamine, cocaine, ketamine, Vicodin and marijuana - nine times and observed drug use or possession seven times since November 2008

Now, M2 UltraLounge is closed. But we worry, because this will just force this drug dealing out into the streets. And, more importantly: The annoying people who buy these drugs may be pushed out into regions previously free of investment bankers and people from New Jersey. Legalize!

[Pic via Nathan.F]