Mo'Nique has made no secret of the abuse she suffered as a young girl at the hands of her older brother. Today on Oprah, he admits he abused her but doesn't understand why he's been labeled a monster. Video Inside.

Gerald Imes admitted for the first time today on Oprah that he did in fact sexually abuse Mo'Nique despite years of having denied it, even to the Oscar-winner's face. Though he comes right out of the gate in his hour-long interview with Oprah and apologizes to his sister, there seemed to be a very real disconnect between his apology and what he sees as a misrepresentation in the media—propagated by his sister—of himself as a monster.

Note, he does admit that he knows that his acts were monstrous. But he equates Mo'Nique's characterization of him as a monster as a product of his size and he's not alone for wondering if she has exaggerated the nature of his actions. Later on in the interview, Oprah spoke to Mo'Nique's estranged parents who told Oprah that, yes, they believed their daughter when she came to them and told them her brother had molested her. But then her father came forward to once again question why, if his son was such a monster, did she continue to live with him for so many years as if nothing had happened? Drawing from her own experiences as a victim of abuse, Oprah shared with them why that might have been the case, and continued to defend Mo'Nique's decision to pretend like everything was fine even in the face of a slightly confrontational panel of guests.

At the end of the day, the guy apologized and Oprah did a pretty excellent job of remaining objective when necessary while also personalizing it when the time was right. Whether or not this interview will mean the beginning of a healing period for Mo'Nique and her family is no one's business to speculate, but it was interesting to see that, at least in this situation, all parties involved spoke of the necessity of victims of this type of abuse to come forward and shed light on what today seems to be an increasingly common occurrence.

And, yeah, Gerald Imes may not see how much of a monster he is, but let's see tomorrow if Nadya Suleman has any self-awareness when she joins Oprah for a sit-down interview. Our guess is probably not.