Dudes if you are ever in a bar and a hot chick is all "Heyyy put your number in my BlackBerry Storm2 9950 and I'll totally call you," don't do it! It's all an evil "stealth marketing" trap.

The New York Daily News investigates the trend today (well, early this morning — yes, we're slow, blame Secret iPhone Day) and it is predictably gross. A young woman named Julia Royter — actress/model/former rhythmic gymnast — will flirt with men and have them input their numbers into her phone not because she plans to make dates for sex and pizza, but because she wants the dudes to see how wonderful it is to use BlackBerry® Smartphone technology. She also might ask you to take her picture on the street, so bewaaaare.

There's some movie about this stealth marketing starring Mr. Scully and Ashton Kutcher's husband coming out, called The Joneses, so it seems to be very trendy right now. In the case of magic computer phones I kind of doubt it works, because pretty much no phone is easy to use on the first try. But who knows. The one thing we can be sure of is that Ms. Royter's days of doing this are probably soon to be over. Traded all that BlackBerry money for a story in the Daily News. We've all been there.