The worst part of being stranded at the airport due to an Icelandic volcano? It's not being trapped on the road or shut out of hotels. It's having no place to shower!

With more than 1,000 people trapped at New York airports since the international airports were held hostage by an Icelandic hothead last week, just where were they all going to get clean? Local hotels, especially near the airports are overbooked and there's no place to wash up.

At Newark Airport, passengers got transportation to freshen up. At Newark Liberty, 150 of the stranded got to use the staff showers designed for people who work back-to-back shifts during snow days. JFK went the FEMA route and hauled in two trailers with 18 showers each and put them in a parking lot near Terminal Four. And we thought taking your shoes off at the security checkpoint was the most dehumanizing part of travel!

[Image via Getty]