This is a plan that a studio is hatching. Also today: a new hidden camera show promises to delight, Aziz Ansari gets a hosting gig, the volcano continues to define our lives, and Cybil Shepherd would like to wax you.

Oh look what they are doing. Summit Entertainment, the geniuses behind Twilight, will be turning science textbook Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus into a movie. This makes complete sense. Margaret Meade's Greg Behrendt's anthropology tome He's Just Not That Into You did pretty well when it was made into a movie, mostly because of dynamic turns from exciting actors like Kevin Connolly and Scarlett Johansson. So if they just make it some ensemble thing about how men have angry war penises and women have pretty commitment vaginers and cast it with thrilling actors like Kevin Connolly, it will be boffo! We're really excited. Are you so excited? [Variety]

Funny little man Aziz Ansari has been officially named as the host of this summer's MTV Movie Awards, the biggest awards show since back when they used to televise the Clios. Ansari is funny, so hopefully he will add some of his weirdo humor to the drably blitzkrieg proceedings. It'd be better if Amy Poehler was hosting, though. [THR]

Uh oh. Not only is the Icelandic Death Cloud ruining the entire European economy and your vacation, it also might mean moving the Iron Man 2 world premiere from London to Los Angeles. Why Dr. Ironman Stark can't just use his laser jet hands to blow the ash to space or the Middle East we don't know, but it doesn't appear that he can. So, sorry England. Maybe Marvel will make up for it by giving you the Thor premiere or something exciting like that. Rene Russo's in that one! Yes, the lady from Buddy! [TheWrap]

Cybil Shepherd, who we all wish had multiple personalities but doesn't because her name starts with a C instead of an S, has been cast in a wonderful Lifetime movie. She will play a Texas body waxer who finds out that her former homecoming queen daughter, Jennifer Love Hewitt, is working as a prostitute to pay her body waxing bills. Or just her regular bills, probably. This is exciting because a movie has not combined themes of body hair removal and homecoming queen prostitutes since the little-seen masterpiece Nair Do Wells: A True Story of Homecoming Hookers. (That is actually a movie we just made-up in our heads that will probably be a Summit Entertainment release in 2013.) [THR]

Television alien queen Michael Ausiello spends his time sitting in his lair, laying eggs stuffed with television news for our enjoyment and frustration. Today he has given us a little egg filled with TV season finale dates. Are you more excited/sad for Tuesday 5/25 at 9pm (when best-LL-Cool-J-show-on-television NCIS: LA ends its blockbuster first season — No Crew Is Superior!) or Thursday 5/20 at 8pm (when the show that everyone likes but has never seen, Bones, ends)? It's hard to pick, isn't it?? [EW]

Frequently remembered national treasure Drew Carey, an egg with glasses, is developing a wonderful hidden camera TV show called WTF!. Oh don't fucking worry. It doesn't fucking stand for what you fucking think it fucking stands for. It stands for "Wow, That's Funny!" In related news, "Wow, That's Funny!" won second place in the Most Depressing Title at the 3rd annual Bad TV Show Title Awards last night, losing to perennial favorite Bones. [THR]