The View ladies welcomed back card-carrying GOP fanatic Elisabeth Hasselbeck into their fold after a week-long sick leave due to an umbilical hernia. Her first order of business? Defending Barack Obama. It appears that her heart grew three sizes today.

While discussing the Icelandic volcanic ash cloud that has crippled air traffic all across the globe and left millions of passengers grounded, the subject of President Obama missing the late Polish president's state funeral this weekend came up. Despite a public RSVP, Obama's trip was cancelled due to the ash—or as we here at GawkerTV lovingly refer to it: the Bombshell McGee of geological phenomena. So instead he was photographed playing some golf and, lo and behold, that left a lot of conservatives very upset. Well, all except for one.

See that? Maybe that hernia released a blockage that made Elisabeth see the error of her Republican-leaning ways! ...Or maybe it didn't. Sadly, the love-fest didn't last all of two seconds before she got a pot-shot into the "our" president before they changed topics.

At least know that we're sure Elisabeth is still a tea party crazy we can expect loads of fun when Vice-President Joe Bin sits down with the ladies on Thursday. We'll definitely be tuning in.