Most people believe the Iceland volcano is caused by plate tectonics. How quaint. Crazy people have some other theories, and they are way more fun. Stop drinking your fluoridated water for a second and explore the truth behind Eyjafjallajökull.


Some people believe UFOs are behind the eruption. This makes the most sense, because everyone knows UFOs are real, and their alien technology makes them impenetrable to fire. And they have a history of chilling out near volcanoes! Here is a video from the eruption site that shows UFO "probes":

Why would UFOs be hanging around the volcano? One blogger believes that aliens are worried for a well-being:

Many stories have been told of UFOs being seen near nuclear weapons facilities and other highly unstable environments on earth. While there are many stories of abduction horrors, this seems to give us ample evidence that at least some of these extra terrestrial visitors are benevolent in nature and our looking out for our best interests.

Of course, they could have also caused the volcano. Think about it: A week of plane-free airspace for them to cruise around and probe German cows to their twelve-chambered-hearts' content. This is probably UFO spring break or something.


Remember how Satan caused 9/11 and then put his face inside the smoke? He did the exact same thing with the volcano, according to some crazy people. Here is the "Nightmarish Face" which appears when you go up in space, close to God, and view the volcano:

But why did Satan afflict Europe with the volcano now? A poster at Cathoilc Answers has the Answer:

I thought this was really fascinating that the Iceland volcano is exploding and basically shutting down Britain and many other parts of Europe, coming at a time when Europe, or at least certain persons there, seem to be at war with the Pope and are even threatening to throw the Holy Father in jail.

And Rush Limbaugh thinks that "God may have replied" to the passage of Obamacare by punishing the continent he got his socialist ideas from.

Government conspiracy

Can't make up your mind between the Rapturous or the extra terrestrial? General government conspiracy is an excellent compromise. Governments could be conspiring with extra terrestrials, or they could have signed some terrible pact with Satan via the reptilians or something. Over at Surfing the Apocalypse, one poster warns that GOVERNMENTS ARE HIDING SOMETHING:

On saturday several testflights have been done between München and Frankfurt by German airlines. Again there were no signs whatsoever of any problems.
Still the respective governments have all extended the flying ban at least until monday.
If you ask me, this sounds very odd ...
It is almost as if something is happening or about to happen over the Atlantic somewhere that the world's governments do not want anyone to witness.

He does not elaborate on where he stands on the Satan Vs. UFO debate.


Then, of course, there is the Mayan calendar thing. Sure, that's not until 2012, but isn't it possible that it will take the world a couple years to end properly? So CBS News took the volcano as an opportunity to explore Vivos Nationwide underground Shelter Network for Survival of Future Catastrophes. Basically, this is a business that constructs underground habitats for people to live in after the world ends in 2012. The idea being that the population of the world will be reestablished by this special race who was smart enough to spend thousands of dollars to reserve their spot under the earth.

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