Judging from this NYT article about the possibly-impending New York doorman strike, everyone is going to have to pitch in to make fun of rich people complaining about not having servants temporarily. There's too much good stuff here.

We only have until Wednesday to prepare. On that day, the 30,000 doormen, superintendents, elevator operators and other rich people-helpers of SEIU Local 32BJ may go on strike over a wage increase. So, maybe twenty of you can make fun of Robert Neis, the marketing executive complaining in the Times about the possibility of carrying his own possessions after returning from a family getaway:

Arriving on Park Avenue on Sunday, Robert Neis, a marketing executive, immediately asked his doorman for assistance with the luggage from a family getaway to Shelter Island, N.Y. "It would be a bummer if they strike," said Mr. Neis. "It's a lot nicer when they help with the work."

And then, fifty of you could make fun of Harold Gerber, who may have to gain intimate knowledge of the waste he generates:

Harold Gerber, who runs a real estate business and has lived in his co-op on East 75th Street for more than two decades, said he was already worried about security, and grumbled at the prospect of hauling his own trash. "It will affect us tremendously," he said.

According to the Times, the doormen haven't gone on strike for almost 20 years. So we have to make this one count.