Will Manley is a retired librarian. In 1992, while working for the Wilson Library Bulletin, he sent a survey to subscribers about sex. 5,000 librarians responded, but the prudish Library Bulletin wouldn't publish the results. They've finally been released!

The Wilson Library Bulletin ("a professional journal published for librarians from 1914-1995") published the initial survey, but then fired Manley and refused to publish the results. Thanks to the increasing democratization of publishing technology, Manley was able to publish the results on his blog last week. This is a big day for anyone who has a sexy librarian fetish. (And, honestly, who doesn't?) Without further ado: According to "The 1992 Librarians and Sex Survey," of 5,000 librarians surveyed:

40% believed that "Playboy" should be in libraries
23% thought "Playgirl" should
22% believed that libraries should have condom dispensers in their bathrooms
20% had "done it" in the library
91% had read "The Joy of Sex"
34% lost their virginity before age 18
4% were still virgins
20% believed that sex without love is bad sex
Only 1% had sex more than 7 times per week
50% had sex 1-2 times per week
30% had 2-5 partners in their lifetime
4% had more than 50
78% of female librarians felt they had been sexually harassed by a patron
7% of male librarians did

And our favorite:

When asked to pick the Shakespearean title that best described their first sexual encounter, 28% chose Comedy of Errors; 23% chose Midsummer's Night Dream; 22% chose Much Ado About Nothing; 21% chose All's Well That Ends Well; and 6% chose Rape of Lucrece.

(Read the whole thing at Will Manley's blog.)

Of course, this was in the innocent days of 1992. Today's librarians probably spend all day showing off their genitals on Chatroulette behind the circulation desk.

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