Was Bill Gates forcing tweens to sext each other with a sexy new campaign? The software behemoth yanked a spot for the Zune of cell phones, the Kin, that was accusing of promoting "sexting." There are also furries.

The busybodies at Consumer Reports discovered that this ad for the Microsoft "Kin" circle-phone prominently features a young man taking a picture of his naked chest and sending it to a young woman, which is exactly what Tiger Woods did.

In response, the company pulled the ad. "Microsoft takes the issue of sexting very seriously," said a Microsoft spokesman, stifling laughter.

But we have more questions for Microsoft. There are people dressed in animal costumes in this video. Does Microsoft take the issue of furries very seriously? There is a band in this video, too! Do you take the issue of indie rock very seriously, Microsoft? Well, Microsoft? The public has a right to know! [Consumer Reports]