In the fastest arc in tabloid news history, Larry King and his wife Shawn Southwick, who just filed for divorce two days ago, are supposedly on the mend and considering counseling. What is going on? Is this a ratings stunt?

TMZ reports that sources close to the two say they want to reconcile and still love each other. They even had a very staged hug at one of their son's baseball games last night. The only problem? Shawn still thinks that Larry is fucking her sister. Oh, also, we hope that the little league coach Shawn was supposedly getting it on with wasn't at the game.

So what was all this? Was the hasty divorce a sick, little plot that Larry and Shawn cooked up in the hopes that some personal drama might goose his sagging ratings? Doubtful. If they wanted to do that then they probably would have skipped all the tales about hanky-panky with the sister. Sure, it makes for good headlines, but it also makes for really messy Thanksgivings in the King household.

Maybe Larry, who has been divorced seven times, figured out how much this divorce would cost him since he got hitched without a pre-nup? But then why would Shawn take Larry back so quickly? Probably this is just the latest case of everyone making much ado about nothing and it will fade from consciousness in a few days. Unless there is another turn on this roller coaster. In that case, we can't wait to see what's over the next hill.

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