Since all the real power gays refused to be on the show Logo's "gay housewives" project got the one guy who wouldn't say no: professional arm candy and reality TV vet Reichen Lehmkuhl.

A source close to the production says that Reichen (nee Richard, right) and his boyfriend Rodiney Santiago (what is up with people on reality shows not being able to spell their names like normal people?) are close to signing on to appear on the show formerly called Kept. The cast hasn't been formally announced yet, but Reichen and Rodiney would be joining former model Derek Lloyd Saathoff who mentioned he was taking part in Time Out last month. Production is said to be starting in mid-May—just in time for Fire Island drama—and the show will air on the all-gay, all-day network this fall.

So who the hell is this Reichen character? Well, he's well known in gay circles for winning The Amazing Race in 2003 with his then "husband" Chip Arndt. He was also the guy who pretty much dragged Lance Bass out of the closet in 2006 when the two were dating and Bass was photographed with Lehmkuhl at a Provincetown gay club. After a few tiny acting gigs, Reichen made a few beefcake calendars and then starred in gay pay-per-view supernatural softcore (yes, really) show Dante's Cove. Since then he's published his autobiography about being gay in the Air Force and started a jewelry line called Fly Naked. I have never seen anyone, gay or otherwise, wearing it.

Obviously, Reichen really wants to be famous. Since he never got out of the reality TV ghetto via acting, being naked, dating famous people, or designing baubles, it looks like he's back to reality. We're sure that he's going to do as great a job looking like a horrible attractive person as the rest of the gays in the cast.

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