Now's a great time for workaholic techies to hire nannies so they can spend more time at the office: Top Silicon Valley babysitters are 20 percent off, thanks to the recession. Their pain is your gain, startup founders.

Nanny agencies say their best staff top out around $20 per hour now, down from $25 or $22 before the recession, according to the Wall Street Journal. One agency's revenues are down 30 percent as more jobless moms and dads stay home with the kids and others move out of the area entirely. But hope for IPO jackpots springs eternal in the Valley, so some families are still in the rat race and looking for nannies. They're just not willing to pay as much. Psst, hey nannies: Do what everyone else in the Valley does when their wages get squeezed: Ask for equity.

[Photo by Sharon Mollerus via Flickr]