Heidi Montag says Adam DiVello touched her plastic body inappropriately. The Larry-King-had-sex-with-his-sister-in-law drama continues. Cindy Adams loves Jersey Shore. Charlie Sheen shaved his head and Kate Hudson got a boob job. Thursday's gossip wants its old body back.

  • Bored with having a body made entirely of plastic, Heidi Montag is now suing The Hills creator Adam DiVello because he supposedly touched her inappropriately during a photo shoot for the show. Heidi stormed off the set, shutting the whole thing down. Unsurprisingly, Heidi has been misbehaving on set for awhile, including trying to bring six bodyguards at a time with her to film her scenes for the "reality show." Of course MTV and former castmate—and Heidi's nemesis—Lauren Conrad have DiVello's back in the matter. The only people on Heidi's side are Spencer and probably her plastic surgeon. [Life & Style]
  • Larry King is getting divorced for the eighth time and apparently his wife, Shawn Southwick found out that he was having an affair with her sister, Shannon Engemann, by looking at his credit card statement and seeing hundreds of thousands of dollars in jewelry purchases for baubles she never received. If, that is, such an affair ever occurred. Apparently the couple have been on the outs for years, and Shawn might have had an affair with a very hunky little league coach. I think I have a porn that starts like that. [TMZ, TMZ]
  • Strangely gossip dowager Cindy Adams has become Jersey Shore's biggest fan. Today she launches a screed against the various Real Housewives casts and defends the eight guidos currently filming in Miami. Adams has a long quote from MTV honcho Tony DiSanto, who explains that things are hunky dory in Florida. But it sounds like the reason they're filming down there is so that MTV can keep some control over the monsters they've created: "I worried about separating them and leaving them alone to go their own ways for all this downtime in between our two TV seasons. They're kids. They've only spent one season together. I felt I needed to keep some hold on them, keep them all as one unit, so they didn't somehow run off in different directions... or who knows? They're subject, on their own, to be attracted to different situations." Despite all the love, Cindy admits at the end of her column that she's never seen the show. That's because she doesn't know how to operate new technology like a television. [Cindy Adams]
  • In keeping with the disguise he started this week with a fake mustache, Charlie Sheen has now supposedly shaved his head. Of course having a lingerie model who is possibly an escort on his arm is always a dead giveaway that the person in question is Charlie Sheen. [RadarOnline]
  • Kate Hudson got a boob job. They look good! [Us Weekly]
  • Apparently Madonna's daughter Lourdes passed her audition to get into LaGuardia High School for the performing arts. Get ready to be taken to the borderline for the second time. [Gatecrasher]
  • Whitney Houston is back on drugs and her recent concert in England sucked, apparently. Poor Whitney. She just hasn't been the same since Bobby left. [Gatecrasher]
  • Melissa Etheridge and Tammy Lynn Michaels, her partner of nine years, have separated. Don't worry, lesbians always stay friends with their exes. [E! Online]
  • Tiger Woods' mistress Jamie Grubbs got arrested for driving with a suspended license. Do we still care about her? [People]

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