Are you ready to chuckle knowingly at the predictable foibles of the past? The KC Pitch has unearthed a Journalism textbook from 1965. It predicts a bright future for journalists, hahahaha! Whew. People in the past: so stupid. Also, sexist.

The textbook, Your Career in Journalism by M.L. Stein, offers this advice to aspiring journo-women:

"Let's assume the Indian ambassador to the United States and his wife visit your city. Someone from your paper will interview him on such weighty matters as East-West relations, India's neutrality policy, and so forth. But, as a reporter from the women's section, you will talk to Mrs. Ambassador about the problems and pleasures of being a diplomat's wife, her role in Washington, her views about American women, etc."

Thank god we've long since moved past the archaic idea that women should be the ones covering the softer, less consequential side of politics. Ridiculous.

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