This clip makes you wonder why someone would spend their time mastering a talent so inane and genuinely gross. Our sandwich artist holds the Guinness title (he claims) so I guess that's at least something.

I've got to admit, he's pretty good at what he does, deftly removing the skin off of the baloney before topping it off with cheese and a pickle and handing it to our hungry reporter. But just when we think the show is over, the camera pans over to a water glass musician who treats us to a rendition of Scarborough Fair. Again, why one would spend their time learning such an obscure skill is just beyond me. Has this guy never seen a guitar? A piano? A recorder? I guess I have to hand it to him that he's the best water glass musician that I've ever seen, but he's also the only water glass musician I've ever seen.

[Via Urlesque]