Don't try phoning Daniel Benedict at home—the blond, gay, perma-tanned social fixture and his boyfriend, Andrew Saffir, haven't spent an evening in for years.

A Massachusetts native and Northeastern grad, Benedict originally moved to the city to become a fashion designer. He didn't turn out to be the next Ralph Lauren, but by the late 1990s he'd managed to carve out a position on the social scene as a party reporter for and the co-author of the Hamptons guidebook, Jodi's Shortcuts, with Jodi Della Femina, the daughter of adman Jerry Della Femina. In recent years, Benedict has emerged as one of the most ubiquitous presences on the Upper East Side social circuit, turning up at just about every glam opening, gala and cocktail event held on the East Side between 59th and 96th Street with longtime boyfriend Andrew Saffir, the founder of Cinema Society. [Image via Getty]