It's officially illegal to be an illegal immigrant in Arizona. Now any cop in Arizona can ask anyone to prove their immigration status, and every cop in Arizona is compelled, under threat of lawsuit, to enforce federal immigration laws.

I really can't imagine any negative consequences that will result from giving local police the authority to stop literally anyone on the "reasonable suspicion" that they just might be an illegal immigrant. This will give police an important new tool in their crime-fighting arsenal: the ability to detain and possibly deport people without bothering obtain warrants or "prove" that they've committed a crime.

It's also now illegal in Arizona to pick someone up in your car if you "know or recklessly disregard the fact" that they are an illegal immigrant. Thankfully, the Arizona House added "a prosecution exemption for people who drive illegal immigrants to church"

And once the governor signs this bill and all the illegals are sent back to Mexico (should take, what, a month or two?) all of the drug violence will stop, the end.

[Pic: AP]