Today at Gawker.TV, Alex Trebek's plentiful knowledge of street drugs, Stephen Colbert downs a KFC "double down," Extra interviewer checks out Ashley Dupre's clevage, and we examine the sexism in Modern Family.

Does Modern Family Preach Blatant Sexism?
There seems to be a similarity among individuals I've spoken to (and myself) who have got into a routine of watching Modern Family. It rubs us the wrong way. We continue to watch it.

Extra Host Can't Keep Her Eyes Off Ashley Dupre's Rack
Ashley Dupre explains to us that by waiting to pose for Playboy, she's somehow removed from her association with Elliot Spitzer. While it's not clear how exactly that works, it's very clear that the interviewer checks out Ashley's rack.

What is Heroin, Alex?
On last night's Jeopardy!, more than biographical tidbits were revealed when Alex Trebek asked a forensic scientist about his job. The guy works with illicit drugs mostly, and apparently, Alex has some experience in that area.

Stephen Colbert Defends Americans' Rights To Eat Whatever They Want
After receiving news that soldiers in Afghanistan would soon lose access to KFC and Pizza Hut in their canteens, Stephen Colbert came to the defense of America's right to eat any food we like. Jamie Oliver, eat your heart out!

The iPad as Cat Toy: Genius
The iPad- so easy, even the adorable Iggy can use it.