She says he's a psycho rapist who kidnapped her. He says she's a lying bitch and he wants a refund, but he still loves her and maybe wants her back. Meet Manohara and Prince Fakhry — Southeast Asian media sensations.

It all started when Indonesian-American socialite Manohara, which means "thief of hearts," met Malaysian prince Tengku Muhammad Fakhry Petra when she was 14-years-old. He was obsessed; she was like "OMG who is this fucking weirdo?" Then he raped her on a family cruise. Then a couple of years later they sorta married, but she didn't repeat the vows and left him hanging in Malaysia. To make amends for his trickery, he arranged to meet for a religious pilgrimage in Mecca, where he kidnapped her. From the LA Times:

For the next nine months, she alleges, she was injected with tranquilizers and threatened if she did not appear happy when attending functions with the prince. She claims the prince also cut her chest several times with a razor.

Then one day in Singapore, Manohara was able to slip a note to a Malaysian businessman, Dato Kadar Shah, asking for help:

[Shah] asked to meet with Manohara privately, but Fakhry declined. "I told him I just wanted to ask about the allegations," he says. "If the girl said she was happy, I was willing to let things be."

Shah quickly arranged for Manohara to escape with her mother in Singapore. Fakhry has since sued Manohara and her mother for defamation in a Malyasian court for $1.8 million, but thinks if she'll just come back to him, all will be forgiven and they'll live happily ever after. But it doesn't sound like Manohara will be rushing back to be drugged and raped by Fakhry any time soon:

Now, capitalizing on a saga that has obsessed Indonesians much like Tiger Woods' fall from grace in the United States, Manohara stars in a popular TV show about a young wife abused by her philandering husband, and she demands high fees for speaking engagements.

All of this is highly embarrassing for the prince and the royal family of Malaysia, and it has stoked popular anger between the rival countries. Manohara also has a line of cosmetics coming out soon, while Fakhry, we assume, is sitting around being old and creepy and plotting another lawsuit or trying to find another teen beauty to kidnap.

The couple's amazingly boring vacation video:

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