Last week, Wikileaks tweeted that Robert Gates was a "liar". Gates wasn't about to take this sitting down. Today, he slammed Wikileaks while standing aboard a U.S. military aircraft, like a real man.

Gates has previously defended the actions of the troops in Wikileaks' helicopter video. But today he took on Wikileaks itself. From the LA Times:

"These people can put out whatever they want and are never held accountable for it," said Gates, speaking to reporters while in route to Lima, Peru. "There is no before and no after. It is only the present."

He added that the Wikileaks video was like "looking at war through a soda straw." A soda straw that more than 5 million people have looked through to date. That's some powerful straw.

Look for Wikileaks to retaliate by leaking a copy of Gates' unfinished romance novel. And look for Gates to retaliate by killing Wikileaks with missiles.