I have a confession to make: I love 8-bit. At a time where gaming is becoming more life like by the second, it's good to be able to go back to the simpler days of Space Invaders, Mario and Megaman.

But I am clearly not alone in my love for pixelated nostalgia. The internet is full of impressive art in every conceivable medium that embraces the bygone era of simple gaming. Fans have created everything from films and food to clothing and home furnishings to celebrate this geeky love of ours. So whether you own Pacman shoes or even if you've never touched an NES controller, the following gallery will hopefully brighten your day.

8-Bit Trip
Swedish band Rymdreglage spent over 1500 hours and hundreds of thousands of photos making what might be the most impressive use of LEGO in a music video ever. That includes "Fell In Love With a Girl."

8-bit Dr. Horrible
Calling all NPH and Joss Whedon fans: Doctor Octoroc has taken the cult favorite musical tragicomedy and warped it into NES form.

8-bit Tie
This must be the tie that Megaman wore on his job interviews. [via Think Geek]

Space Invaders Ice Cube Trays
[via 1 Design Per Day]

Futurama's 8-bit Tribute
It's only appropriate that the geeky writers at Futurama show their appreciation for 8-bit games with a salute to Pacman and Space Invaders. There's even a nod to the granddaddy of all internet memes.

8-bit Watch
The cool thing about this retro 8-bit watch is that no matter what time of day it is, it's always back in time. [via Geekologie]

8-bit Post-It Movie
The amount of time necessary to make this movie is surpassed only by the patience required. Bonus points for being set to "Eple" by Royksopp! [via Geekologie]

Megman Mosaic
If I were the boss of whoever is responsible for this mosaic, I wouldn't know whether to fire the person for wasting time during work or give him a raise for being such a badass. [via The Daily What]

Donkey Kong Jenga
It's Donkey Kong meets Jenga! Who doesn't love Jenga?!?!? [via 8 Bit Review]

8-bit Dark Side of the Moon
Artist Brad Smith has taken Pink Floyd and warped their classic album into 8-bit. As far as 8-bit music goes, this is one of the most impressive creations out there.

Crystal Castles - "Courtship Dating"
Toronto based electronic duo Crystal Castles can be credited with one of the first major breakthroughs in popularizing 8-bit music for mainstream audiences. Their eponymous debut album features a beautiful array of lo-fi hooks, creating a strangely melancholic dance vibe fit for bar dancers and gamer nerds alike. You can listen to some of their album here.

8-bit Car Flame Decals
For those of you who want to take your love of 8-bit onto the open road, Jalopnik has a how to guide to trick out your whip.

8-bit Hood Decal
[via Break]

8-bit Waffles
Some 8-bit art is good enough to eat. [via 8 Bit Review]

Pacman Cupcakes
Apparently, these cupcakes taste best if you say "waka waka waka waka..." while eating them. [via TechnaBob]

Toasted Mario

NES Character Street Art
New York City is full of all kinds of 8-bit inspired graffiti and street art. Intrepid Gawker.tv editor Matt Cherette spotted this NES character homage mural outside of l'Asso pizza on Mott and Kenmare. [via Tumblr]

8-bit Street Art Water Pipe
SOURCE: http://badbanana.typepad.com/weblog/2008/04/8-bit-street-ar.html

8-bit Thriller Homage
The untimely passing of the King of Pop spawned thousands upon thousands of tributes, from t-shirts to street art. This 8-bit rendition of "Thriller" is fit to honor a classic. [via Kotaku]

Megaman Kicks
[via Quenerd]

8-bit New York City
Artist Brett Camper brings us a pixelated version of Gotham, complete with street listings and important building locations. [via 8 Bit NYC]

Pixel Characters Destroy New York City
This impressive short film shows the real life destruction that low res characters would be able to unleash on New York City. [via Gothamist]

8-bit Wedding Cake Topper
Apparently, there are many geek couples whose love for all things 8-bit is rivaled only by their love for their significant other. [via Gizmodo]

8-bit Wedding Invitation Video Game
Instead of a typical "Save the Date" magnet, this couple upped the ante with some mind blowing originality and wrote an entire video game to invite their friends and family to their wedding. [via Gizmodo]

Pacman Butt Tattoo
Love for video games and love for tattoos are similar in that one's love for either can go too far. Now, imagine the perfect storm of a gaming addicted ink junkie... [via Blogspot]

"Game Over" Tattoo
Unfortunately, anyone who sees this neck tattoo will probably say "Game Over" to any job offers or second date requests. [via Tuccioholic]

8-bit Mario Made Out of Soda Boxes
Using over 1,000 soda boxes, Pepsi reps were able to recreate the ultimate 8-bit character in a Northern California supermarket.

8-bit Lonely Island short
Lonely Island have shifted their attention away from boats, boxes and hot moms to create arguably the funniest NES spoof we've seen. [via The Lonely Island]

8-bit Hanger
What good is a love for 8-bit if you can't adorn your house with it? [via Meninos]

"Mushroom Recession" by Jude Buffum
Apparently, even Mario was hit hard by the financial collapse. [via Jude Buffum]

8-but Oven Mitt
[via Geeky Gadgets]

8-bit Salt & Pepper Shakers
[via The Daily What]

8-bit Mario Jack-O-Lantern
[via Blogspot]

Jude Buffum's 8-bit Movie Art
Jude Buffum is the artist that easily stands out most for his use of 8-bit art, bringing a little gamer geek into everything from cult movies to politics to religion. Prints are available on his site.

"The Dude Abides" by Jude Buffum
[via Jude Buffum]

Jude Buffum Imagines a More Violent Saved By the Bell
Jude Buffum - often one for making childhood icons violent - imagines a more violent Bayside High in a disturbing but well done piece.