Georgina is the horse-obsessed younger daughter of Mayor Bloomberg. Her sister is Emma Bloomberg.

Mike Bloomberg's second daughter with Susan Brown, his British first wife, Georgina Bloomberg was raised in the Bloomberg townhouse on 79th Street and attended Spence before moving on to NYU. Unlike her more serious-minded sister, Emma, Georgina is a pierced-tongued, frivolity-prone chick-about-town who has become a staple at social events. Obsessed with equestrianism, Georgina started saddling up when she was just four; she's now considered one of America's top jumpers and has the generously-sized walk-in closet's worth of show jumping awards to prove it. When she's not riding-or partying-she's often participating in one of her several horse-related extracurricular activities. She made news after two major spinal injuries after falling from her horses but shows no wavering devotion to the animals. [Image via Getty]