Last night, Anthony Bourdain visited the home state of his head cameraman Zack. On paper, New England is a relatively tame place for Bourdain to visit, but a few capsized sailboats in icy Maine waters and backwoods sojourns changed that.

If you've never been to Maine—not lobster-roll-eating Portland tourist style Maine, but backwoods, small town fish mongering New England cliche Maine —then last night's episode of No Reservations may have come as a shock to you. The trip to Zack's family's backwoods camp is a side of traditional Maine-iac life that very few out-of-staters ever see it. Moose tenderloin and bear tips are things that even Anthony admits to never having tried.

But episodes like this are what truly express Bourdain's messages about traveling and the basis for the show in general. Who needs expensive airfare and a passport? It's kind of invigorating to realize that even after visiting some of the most exotic locales on the planet, a simple visit to an area that's off our own country's beaten path can be eye opening in it's own right.