Gabriel Byrne is a craggy, Irish-born actor known for playing moody, introspective bad guys. He's best known for his roles in The Usual Suspects, Miller's Crossing, and the HBO therapy drama In Treatment.

Born in Dublin, Byrne originally thought he was going to go into the priesthood before he studied archaeology and linguistics at University College Dublin. He worked a series of odd jobs, such as a chef and a Spanish teacher, before beginning his stage career with the Focus and Abbey Theatres in Dublin and Royal Court and Royal National Theatres in London. However, he hit mainstream popularity in the UK on the show The Riordans and decided to move to Hollywood after he began dating Ellen Barkin. The plan seemed to work in his favor, and Byrne has appeared in films as diverse as Miller's Crossing, Little Women, and Vanity Fair. A sex symbol for the over fifty set, Byrne is best known these days for his Golden Globe winning performance as Dr. Paul Weston on HBO's In Treatment, which aired from 2008-2010. [Image via Getty]