In your tense Tuesday media column: Paul Krugman vs. Andrew Ross Sorkin, Arianna pontificates, the NYT redesigns a section, and Teddy Koppel has something to say, about news!

  • Big time beef at the New York Times! Paul Krugman, chief beard-wearing columnist, took to his blog to attack Andrew Ross Sorkin, chief young reporter who will one day be an investment banker. Krugman says Sorkin mischaracterized Krugman's position in his column today. He says Sorkin "Owes several people an apology." First and foremost, Paul Krugman! In any case, this simply must end in a celebrity boxing match, which we will be happy to set up guys, just let us know. [Update: More analysis here]
  • Arianna Huffington's latest insight into things: "Self expression is the new entertainment." Could that possibly mean anything?
  • The NYT has redesigned its Business section online to look more like a front page, in an effort to compete better with the WSJ. So far the main effects, to my eyes, are to give more prominence to the business blogs, and to make it impossible to find the link to click from the Biz section to the other sections. Success!
  • So, how does ol' Ted Koppel feel about the state of the news, these days? "I think it's a disaster," he says. Whoa, Teddy! "We want to listen to news that comes from those who already sympathize with our particular point of view. We don't want the facts any more." Okay well, that's true. Carry on.