In a TV show guys, jeez. She's not that hard-up. Also today: pilot casting news from Patton Oswalt and others, the Footloose remake keeps hitting snags, and the original Ren lands a movie.

Footloose! Let's talk about Footloose. Remember when, a million teen years ago, the movie was supposed to star Zac Efron and was going to be directed by musical whiz and salsa heir Kenny Ortega? Well, Efron efwinkled away from the project many moons ago, so noted Gossip Girl actress Chace Crawford jumped aboard. Then Ortega left after being exhausted from the Michael Jackson This Is It hoopla, and now Crawford has (wisely) bowed out. Craig Brewer of Hustle & Flow has now signed on to direct, and a national casting call is likely to be announced. If this thing fails to get off the ground, then evil John Lithgow will have won. For there will be no dancing. [Variety]

Speaking of Kevin Bacon! (I mean, we were, essentially.) He's just climbed aboard a movie starring Steve Carell, about a sadsack (Carell, naturally) who seeks the help of a smooth operator life coach (Ryan Gosling) to fix his crumbling marriage to Julianne Moore, who is cheating on him with her coworker, Bacon. I can relate to Moore's character. Lately I've been cheating on salad with bacon. It's shameful, I know. But it just feels so good. [THR]

A company called MPF&TV has acquired the distribution rights to a film called Tanner Hall, which stars folks like Amy Sedaris, Chris Kattan, and Brie Larson (of United States of Tara). The coming-of-age boarding school movie was co-written and directed by Diane von Furstenberg's daughter and Ringo Starr's step-daughter. Wonder how it ever got made or picked up! [Variety]

Veteran secondary player Billy Campbell has been cast as a lead in AMC's pilot The Killing, which traces the investigation of a Seattle girl's murder. It's three interlocking stories, so I suppose we can assume that Campbell represents one of those narratives. There's no guarantee the series will be picked up, but AMC seems to be on a greenlighting spree of late, so who knows! [THR]

Diane Keaton is rumored to be considering taking the lead role in the HBO pilot Tilda, a series from Bill Condon about a much-feared Hollywood industry blogger. But it is not about Nikki Finke! Just because it is a woman of a certain age who is strange and reclusive and feared and hated! It is not about Nikki. It's just not. No way, no how. (It is.) [EW]

The delightful Patton Oswalt has been cast to star alongside Matthew Broderick in the NBC pilot Beach Lane, a comedy from someone behind the dreadfully boring (sorry, but it is) Bored to Death about a rich slacker (Oswalt) who inherits a Hamptons newspaper and hires a journalism whiz (Broderick) to help him run it. A comedy about a newspaper! How timely! Still better than a comedy about a blog, though. Kristen Johnson is also in the pilot, as Oswalt's step-sister. Also in pilot news, some snotty teen has been cast in two pilots (because he is better than you), one about quintuplets, the other about a prep school's football team. He'd play the prettyboy quaterback, naturally. Always described as "cocky," those characters, huh? Cocky. Eugh. But look at this. The kid did dancing in High School Musical 3. Think about it. Read the first item. This should be a no-brainer, guys. [THR]