Michelle "Bombshell" McGee has already defended herself in writing. Today, she took her damage control efforts to an Australian television show. Turns out she's "sorry" for the "embarrassment" she's caused Sandra. And she showed off Jesse James' text messages.

Why it was Australia's Today Tonight that nabbed the first interview with McGee we will never know. But she told Today Tonight that James led her into thinking that he and Sandra were no longer together while they carried on their affair. Here she is apologizing to Sandra:

And here she is showing off the texts she received from Jesse James just a week after Bullock thanked him at the Oscars for "having her back:"

So, we learn that Jesse James is a sleazeball and Bombshell McGee is a single mother of two who feels betrayed by Jesse and sorry for Sandra. Sandra Bullock and Bombshell McGee will now become fast friends, united by their scorn. Jesse will be sad, and the arc of history will continue to bend toward justice. Case closed!