Leigh "Coldstare" Lezark is a member of the MisShapes, the raven-haired trio known for party-promoting, DJing, modeling, hiding behind their bangs, and generally exuding hipness.

Lezark grew up in Toms River, New Jersey. Thanks to a fake ID, though, she spent most of her teen years in Manhattan where she started clubbing at gay bars and CBGB by the age of 14. Lezark moved to the Lower East Side after high school and was studying photography at Hunter when she met Greg Krelenstein and Geordan Nicol at Don Hill's in 2001. The three soon moved in together, commencing their party-throwing careers with a boozy New Year's Eve party at their apartment, fueled by hooch they'd stolen from a friend's restaurant. In early 2004, the trio threw the first official MisShapes part at the West Village bar Luke & Leroy. (The party later moved to Don Hill's.) Catering to specific set of pretty young things who liked their portraits taken, the weekly parties were an instant success with the hip fashion crowd. Photos of the night's events were posted to the MisShapes website, and the group became a overnight downtown fixture after a decently favorable Times' profile and celebrity guest DJ's (like HiIlary Duff and Madonna). The party was so over in 2007 when the MisShapes threw their last party at Don Hill's, moving on to brighter, shinier things.
Lezark DJ's throughout the world, is a fixture at fashion shows, and has modeling contract with IMG. The severe-looking Lezark is known for her solemn visage in photos, hence her blog nickname "Princess Coldstare," but is sometimes seen smiling in her ads for H&M and Gap. Often compared to Edie Sedgwick, and her MisShapes trio to the Warhol Factory, she is the newest incarnation of cool New York.

Lezark lives on East 3rd Street with her dachshund, Edie.

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