If there's anything science is good at, it's discovering new, strange ways for us to get cancer. Scientists have found a new one: Turning on the lights when you take a late-night trip to the bathroom. Thank you, science.

According to actual scientists from the UK and Israel, sudden exposure to light at night "triggers an 'over-expression' of cells linked to the formation of cancer." Scientists compared a group of mice that were exposed to a light for one hour to mice that were kept in the dark, and found that brain cells linked to their Circadian rhythm were changed. (Presumably in a way that increased the risk of cancer, though this Daily Mail article does not offer any details about the changes, because people who read newspapers cannot understand things.)

One researcher had this recommendation:

If you want to get up to go to the toilet, you should avoid reaching for the light switch. There are some plug-in lights that just glow, that are safe and you could use them as an alternative.

Clearly, this research is sponsored by the "plug-in lights that just glow" industry.

Hey, scientists, here are some other trivial things we do every day. Bet you can't prove they cause cancer, too!

  • Lay in bed for 10 minutes in the morning after our alarm goes off, trying to work up the courage to face the day.
  • Leave our headphones on our head when using the computer even though we're not listening to any music
  • Give all the yellow Skittles in the bag to a friend
  • Always try to get an aisle seat on a plane
  • Put salt on our cucumbers (sometimes, but not always)

Alright, science. Do your stuff!

(pic via Louisa_catlover)(via boobookitteh)