Kate Gosselin is still on Dancing with the Stars. Why? I have no idea. Because she sucks. She sucks at dancing, she sucks at practicing, she sucks at feigning likability... she just sucks. Inside, video of Gosselin on tonight's show.

First up, Gosselin's pre-routine video, in which her horrible dance to Lady Gaga's "Paparazzi" last week is recounted and in which she subsequently—somehow—declares that her inevitable exit from the show would be some sort of victory for her ex-husband, Jon. Gosselin also sort of admits that she sucks, which makes her ~determination to show Jon who's really boss~ even more hilarious. Oh, and she bitches about the press and the ZOMG CONSTANT (and completely undeserved, obviously) scrutiny placed upon her.

Then, Gosselin and partner Tony Dovolani—you know, the one who got so sick of her ish two weeks ago that he actually said, "I quit!" and walked out of their practice—danced what was supposed to be a tango to Adam Lambert's "For Your Entertainment," except it basically consisted of Gosselin giving stank face while Dovolani lugged her around the stage. Enjoy!

[Dancing with the Stars]